About Us

The National Minority Trucking Association is committed to assisting all minorities with
establishing, maintaining and growing successful businesses in and pertaining to the trucking
and transportation industry. In today’s Trucking Industry, there seems to be limited resources
available to minorities for consultation, assistance and advocacy. In many cases, owners of
minority trucking companies as well as minority owner operators and company drivers have
many years of industry experience, but lack the resources necessary to establish, maintain and
grow a trucking company. Since the deregulation of the trucking industry just a few decades ago,
the industry has made great strides in enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to have a fair opportunity at building their businesses in the trucking industry. However, without the proper resources, minorities will continue to be at a disadvantage.

The National Minority Trucking Association is dedicated to providing resources, consulting,
education and training along with numerous benefits to minorities in trucking and transportation to enable them to compete and prosper in an ever changing industry.

NMTA also acts as a primary resource center and advocate for minorities in trucking and
transportation through our partnerships, affiliations, services and member benefits. NMTA also
fosters employment opportunities through our various partners within the transportation industry.
We will promote fair and equal opportunity employment for those minorities who qualify and are
seeking employment in the trucking and transportation industry.

Our Mission
Helping Truckers succeed through education, innovation and technology via tailored resources
and strategic partnerships.
Our Vision
NMTA will be the preeminent and most comprehensive resource to the transportation industry.
Our Goals
Include, but are not limited to, the following:
• To represent the interests of current and prospective minority trucking and transportation
• To encourage and assist minority students in entering the trucking profession;
• To promote and develop the professional skills of our members;
• To negotiate on behalf of our members with any organization or business that impacts the
trucking and transportation industry.
• To act as a primary resource and advocate for our members through our services,
membership benefits and partnerships.
• To provide and foster a positive and professional image for the trucking industry
• To ensure long-term financial stability and provide adequate resources to our members
• To promote safety on our nation’s highways.
The national and local programs offered are designed to support the overall goals and
objectives of the Association. These programs provide support to, and create opportunities
for, professionals and students seeking levels of accomplishment in the fields of trucking and

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